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International websites

International websites

BIS - Bank for International Settlements
The website of the Bank for International Settlements gives general information on BIS and information on current activities. Several publications are available in full-text versions. There is also a list of central banks on the Internet. There are links from the list to the home pages of the individual central banks.

ECB - The European Central Bank
On the European Central Bank´s website there is general information, press releases, speeches and a list of publications. There is also information on measures in preparation for the transition to the euro and a list of Internet pages on this topic is available.

IMF - International Monetary Fund
On the IMF's website there is access to information on the IMF and news from the IMF and it is possible to search in the IMF's publication database. The IMF's catalogue of publications and selected publications are available in full-text versions. The IMF coordinates the preparation of international financial statistics and has references to national statistics producers. There is access to the Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board with information on economic and financial data prepared by the member states who have acceded to the IMF's Special Data Dissemination Standard. There is also information on the IMF Institute and a link to the Joint World Bank-IMF Library Network and other organizations and publications.

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
General information on the OECD, a list of activities and news are available on the OECD's website. There is also access to information on the OECD's publications. The OECD's statistics are presented in a list of topics. Some key economic figures and graphs, as well as publications in full-text versions, are also available.

Last update: 02/20/2014

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