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Key figures

The government debt is compiled as the total domestic and foreign debt less the assets of the public funds and the balance of the central government's account with Danmarks Nationalbank. Part of the balance on the central government's account was offset by an obligation linked to collateral for the central-government's swap portfolio (a liability).

Table 1: Central-government debt
Kr. billion
Domestic debt
Foreign debt
Collateral for swaps
Government funds
Central-government account
Central-government debt
At end-2013, the central-government debt amounted to kr. 487 billion, corresponding to 26 per cent of GDP or kr. 87,000 per capita, cf. Chart 1. Despite the increase, Denmark's debt remains low compared with that of other EU member states, and Danish government bonds are still enjoying the highest ratings from the credit rating agencies. In 2013, interest costs on central-government debt totalled kr. 17 billion which corresponds to 0.9 per cent of GDP.

Central-government debt, 1985-2013
Chart 1

Last update: 03/06/2014

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